Fruitless Enterprise

by Silent Tides

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Fruitless Enterprise is an EP that grapples with the momentum of life, pushing and pulling you to and away from the things you love and enjoy. The times you feel like you're in control only to have it tumble down. The times where you feel like you have no control but it ends up ok. And the times where you just want to get away from everything. All part of life's ebb and flow

The title is tongue-in-cheek; one part self-deprecating, the other a thematic allusion to the feeling that everything you're working for is for naught. But this EP is not about pessimism. Even when things end up being fruitless enterprises, you still have the journey, experience, and the memories. As Pirsig puts it in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, (I'm paraphrasing heavily): If you're climbing a mountain just to reach the peak, you're missing the point. The EP concludes with a salute and embrace of life's uncertainty, the song Who Knows.


released October 19, 2019

Music by Silent Tides
Lyrics by Gus and Liam

Produced by Silent Tides & EJ Gaub
Mixed & mastered by EJ Gaub


all rights reserved



Silent Tides New Jersey

Eclectic rock quartet from Jersey serving up platters of Indie, Garage, and Psych

Liam Hughes,
Gus Mirabella,
Jesse Silva, and
Anant Murty

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Track Name: Give Me a Break
Work, consuming play, it's a fiery wrath, numbers your days
Play, sad and alone, losing its strength, dead at the tone

I can't wait, oh my babe
No I can't wait, oh my babe, no not today

The devil, presented as a god, omnipotent as grass, dirtier than sod
God, in need of a break, weightless words prayed in haste, to a cloud for goodness sake,
Break out and be free, when you don't listen to yourself, it reminds yourself of me
Freedom, what does that make up, are we doing what we want, if all we want is to get up

Give me a break, I've had a long day and I just wanted to say
Babe please leave me alone, because I'm all out of space on this bed where I lay
You can see it's the only place where I can just be all that's alive in these dreams
That feel dead, though sometimes they wake, come out and play, just go away
Track Name: Bent at the Hinge
I recogniize that look you've been giving me
Like I'm a bent-out hinge
It's hardly a sin

But when I see all them so-called friends you've been dragging around
You're making me cringe
While I watch on the fringe

Now you've got me unhinged

Can ya see me down in this sandpit
That ya dug me into--no I dug myself into
It's not your fault it's mostly mine
But you know you've got eyes like quicksand
The more I try to look away, the harder I stare

So stop staring at me and maybe I'll stop staring at you
Maybe but we both know that's probably not the truth
But I'm trying, you're trying, we keep trying to make things right
But we just can't get it right

I'll stop looking at you and then maybe you'll stop being near me
Maybe but we both know I gotta get over you
But I'm trying to make things right
but it'll never be alright

NO, I'll stop looking at you and then maybe you'll stop
saying those bad things that we both know ain't true
but we say em anyway
I'm trying, you're trying, we'll keep trying to make some sense of this noise but there's not much to find
Track Name: Grey Eyes
White hot
Haute wits
In violet ink you write violent
With words high pitched
Like a violin
Ya got 4 strings tuned to the perfect 5th
Well I’ll match with 6
See the sound swell, let it sit
Well synesthesia will send ya fits
But stress looms can't calm ya shit
Now Shrooms in you to get away from it
I'm color blind to those great big eyes,
Tho no I can't tell where they lie,
So tell me where it is I got to hide,
Cos I gotta get this outro out my mind

If I could find a girl
With great green eyes and a warm soul
Maybe I could start building a home
Now, out of the crowd I see you out alone

I'm looking at you
You’re looking at me
With those grey eyes
That used to be green
you're looking past me
I'm looking for you
But I said something strange
Now you've lost your hue

All I did was confide
A little secret that I
Thought would be rude to hide
So I gave you insight into my mind
It's an unpopular opinion
But I believe the world is ending
I don't know when
But I’m preparing for a violent end
And I
Just thought you might
like an invite
Track Name: Hummingbird
my eyes can’t see
all these tears in my eyes
have caused them to bleed

won’t you lend me a hand
I can’t make it through all on my own
can we just go get stoned

ooh ooh (x5)

does this life move so fast
suddenly caught up in a cast
why can’t we go back

ain’t you struggling to breathe
ain’t it hard staying afloat on this land
and standing up on two feet

ooh ooh (x5)

the crumbles and cracks
protrudes the bones in my back
break me all apart
I should have known it right from the start
just leave me

lost in the head
inclination declining then dead
break through your wall
of your love it crumbles and falls
on me
Track Name: Nothing Kills My Ego like Getting High
I’m waiting
to unlock that door
I'm searching for the path
that you're looking for

I’m praying
for that soul to keep
But you already know
what I want to be

It makes my heart weak
to do all these things
that give you grief.

To disappoint everyday, everyday
with nothing to say
Well maybe I’m just afraid

I’m praying
for a way out
But you’re just like me
and you know I have my doubts

I’m waiting
for the truth
You take one step closer
and I’m bound to shoot, oh

It makes my heart weak
to do all these things
that give you grief

Telling myself I’m ‘bout to die,
Well that’s just the hundredth lie
for the thousandth time

Nothing kills my ego like getting high
Track Name: Who Knows
Where is the right place to be?
Is there anybody who could tell me?
How could I ever be sure
I’m choosing the right thing to be living for?

When is it appropriate
To go with a feeling?
Which way do I ought to take
My life's at stake
I’m trying to understand
I don’t know

What can I do to filter the truth
From bad sources and fake news
Have I lost my identity
If I've got nothing to believe?

When is it
to go with a thought?
When is it ever A-ok
to trust your brain
or a feeling any feelings
I don't know
All I know is
I don't know

So tear me apart
take my words
out of the context.
I don't mind.
They don't mean much to me.
Because in these postmodern times
it’s so hard to be certain of anything
But despite all these contradictions
there's still one thing I
know is real
It's this feeling that I feel
And it's the kind of truth that I
could only confide in you
So will you tell me please,
before ya leave, do you believe me?
Do you believe in me?
Do you believe in this feeling?

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